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32-Hours of Hands On Coaching & 

90 Hours of Self-Paced Skill Training (specific to the coach profession).  Lamad University also offers an optional Practicum ( Field Experience) for students that desire extra training . 

These are the skills that you learn to use as a coach.  Coaches have countless skills and tools in their skill set to use with clients.  Many of these are based in advanced communication techniques.  A Lamad Univeristy Certified Life Coach uses these skills to move their clients forward and help them reach the goals that they have for the coaching relationship.

Competencies Ethics Training

As the leader in defining the coaching profession, Lamad University adheres a code of ethical standards that accredited programs commit to uphold.  Your training will cover the code in depth so that you have a complete understanding on which to base your profession.

Coaching Observation by a Certified Coach

While it sounds daunting to be observed by an experienced coach, it is extremely helpful and empowering as you learn from their observations and guidance.  The format may be via conference call, video or in person depending on the school you choose.

A Comprehensive Final Exam

The purpose of the final exam is to evaluate your competency as a coach.  The exam is a combination of written and verbal components based on each individual program.  Once you successfully pass this exam, you have completed all requirements to become a Certified Life Coach.

Many coaches describe the process of getting certified as enjoyable and also very enlightening.  As you complete the requirements to become a Certified Life Coach, you also spend significant time working on your own personal and professional development.

 This makes you a stronger and more skilled coach and leads to your greater success with your own clients.  Now that you are certified, it’s time to go out and get clients!

2-Day Fast Track Coach Certifications

A Coach For Every Church Program

Lamad University has partnered with No Boundaries Personal Development Centers & The Adell Foundation to assist clergy, ministers, and nonprofit outreach organizations that serve low-moderate income communities gain the skill set of coaching. 

Experienced or novice training available


Dual Certification $1500.00

Single Certification $299 per course

Dual Certification $1500.00

3-Day Accelerated Certification 

General Life Coaching with Niche Certifications. 18-Modules Plus a BONUS Financial Literacy Education Certification with The Adell Foundation mentor program.

 Choose from one of four Cap and Gown Graduation Ceremonies to participate in. Speak to your enrollment specialist.


Niche Certification $899.00

Single Certification $299 per course

Dual Certification $1500.00

Must have a B.A, M.A. or Doctorate in a related  field. Coaching students that successful complete this program will receive Master Life Coach Certification.


Choose from one of four Cap and Gown Graduation Ceremonies to participate in. Speak to your enrollment specialist. 


Single Certification $299 per course

Single Certification $299 per course

Single Certification $299 per course

Over 30 Personal, Spiritual, Business Coaching designations available.

In order to be a candidate for cap and gown graduation, students must complete 101 & 102 of the coaching designation of their choice. 

partial scholarship program (Call 1-800-771-7622 802 to app





 Heighten your own and your team's performance with leadership coaching, tips, tools and training designed exclusively for nonprofit executives and emerging leaders like you!   this training is for those who manage others in any nonprofit setting and are seeking tools to engage, support, and develop their staff





 Adding a Coaching  Ministry to your church will help your church not only grow in numbers but in spiritual and natural maturity. Coaching allows you to facilitate the development of both skills and character in other people, while getting ministry done. In Coaching In Ministry, you will learn practical ways to develop the people around you and multiply your ministry. 





 The ability to coach transforms ministry staff to leaders and increases engagement, learning and performance within an organization. Coaching is the essential leadership skill for talent management and productivity for individuals and teams.  Becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach also opens the door for ministers to open their ownsuccessull coaching practice outside of the ministry. Joinin this Multi-Billion dollar industry.

Featured Coaching Certifications & niche ceRTIFICATIONS


Personal Coach Certification

We offer Health and Wellness Coaching Certifications 

Life Coaching Certifications

 Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching Certifications Relationship Coaching
Wealth Coaching, and more!


Business Coach Certification

Career Coaching Certification

501 C 3 and Non Profit Coaching

Business Start Up Coaching

Leader as Coach for Managers 

Executive Coaching


Religious Coach Certification

Spiriutal Life Coach Certification

Pastoral Coach Certification

Holistic Wellness Coach  Certification

Spiritual Abuse & Survivor Coaching

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