Ministerial programs and packages


Ministerial Graduates

Minister Package $550.00

  • Certificate of Minister License
  • Biblical Studies Course
  • Tenants of the Faith
  • Church Administration 
  • The Great Commission
  • Licensure Ceremony October 2020

  • Certificate of Title
  • Pocket Laminated Ordination Card
  • Legal Status/Letter of Good Standing
  • Marriage Certificates (5 pack)
  • Baptism Certificates (5 pack)
  • Preparing Your First Sermon
  • Marriage Laws in Your State
  • Ceremonies for Marriage
  • Ceremonies for Baptism
  • Ceremonies for Funerals
  • Ways Your Church or Ministry Can Raise Money
  • CLERGY Dashboard Sign
  • 6-Month  Phone Coaching
  • 50% Discount on Leadership Workshop


  • Guidebook for New Clergy 
  • Ministry of Helps Course
    Marriage Laws for All 50 States
  • Religious Freedom Handbook


Ordination Candidates

You must be a licensed minister

Tuition: $2000.00

Annual $500 to remain in Watchful Oversight Program (Some call Covering or Accountability) Lamad University understands that God is our covering and not man, however, the Apostles that oversee ministers in our network offering mentoring, coaching, and accountability. Something that has been missing in ministry for decades.

  • Ordination Letter on Parchment Paper with Gold Seal
  • How to Formally Establish Your  Ministry in a Simple Way
  •  Includes 64- Credit hours towards B.Div- D.Div Degree Course Available (Speak with enrollment)
  • Earn your degree in less than one year
  • Non profit Status in your state  
  • 1-Year Watchful Oversight (Apostolic Accountability Program)
  • International Life Coach Certification
  • One Free admission to Annual Leadership Round Table
  • All of the Ministerial Package Items

Bonus: Legally Establish Your Ministry

  • Nonprofit Creation Assistance

Ordination Ceremony Annually in Georgia

To have your ordination ceremony in your state speak with your watchful oversight Assigned Apostle.

This course is correspondence and web-based. You must have computer access to take this course.


Apostolic Accountability Program

 Many online ordination services convey license and ordination papers to anyone that applies. Lamad Ministries is not like any other online ministry or bible college. The word Lamad/Lamed means to teach ( like a Shepherd's rod instructing the sheep). 

Unlike our ministers license which is almost acheived immediately  by passing the bible knowledge exam and submitting two credible references,  to be ordained requires a minimum of six months of watchful oversight. ( Apostolic Accountability)

 Life Experience and  proof of  being on a clergy team will be considered. The Apostle that is assigned to you will phone coach you monthly. You may also request a site visit from your Apostle. Site visits require the Apostle to meet with you, your family, and your team.

 Your Apostle will also give a corporate message to the members of your ministry. To have your Apostle conduct a site visit, travel, airfare,  meals, and accommodations must be provided by the watchful oversight participant.  To request a site visit call 1-800-771-7622  ext  805

Bible College and Coaching Graduates


Graduation Ceremony

Graduates have the option of participation in one of four graduation ceremonies each year. 




Nassau Bahamas


You did it!

Congratulations!  Whether you took classes to enhance your bible knowledge, to be more effective in the ministry you are a part of, to start a ministry, or enhance your skills to gain promotions in your current career, you have made an awesome accomplishment that will change not only your life but the lives of everyone you encounter forever! by completing a Lamad University certification, diploma, or degree, you have taken the first steps to creating your LEGACY! Graduation emails with ceremony information will go out on or before April 20, 2020. Graduation fees are $150 per graduate ( does not include cap and gown). Please make sure to order your cap and gowns on time!


Your Certified! Now Go and Change the World!

If you have received a certification in any of our Ministry of Helps courses or if you have received a certification in any of the over 20 Coaching Niche' programs, you are invited to the 2020 Diligence Awards and Graduation Ceremony.  Come and celebrate those that have demonstrated excellence in community service as well as cheer our diploma and degree graduates as they are presented! 

We will  have set a time  aside  during the awards dinner to acknowledge all of those that have been certified by Lamad University or any Adell Foundation hosted  Coach Certification.  We have certified over 100 coaches since 2011! All of those that received any certifications through us are also invited to the VIP room from 330pm-530pm  to meet the professors and the accreditation representative from  Transworld Accrediting Commission International .

As many of you know,  Lamad University authorized to convey certificates, diploma's and degrees through our nonprofit status. Although we do not need to be a part of any accreditation organization, our board of directors approved us to apply for accreditation to make sure we are in compliance as any other religious school of education. We are excited to be in the final process of becoming accredited through one governmental recognized accrediting organization and this internationally renowned Christian Accreditation Organization.  This graduation is a part of a milestone for Lamad University! We hope you will be able to celebrate with us on this day!

To order dinner tickets please go to https:\\

*No children are allowed in the VIP room. Lamad University Students, News media, Professors of Lamad University, Graduates of Lamad University, and Photographers, and catering staff are only authorized to be in this room. Family that will be attending the awards and graduation ceremony will have reserved seating in the graduation hall. 

To RSVP  for the VIP room contact your professor or email us at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.