Biblical Studies


Lamad University

Lamad University is an institution of Religious Education and College of Adult and Professional Education incorporated in Denver Colorado with the authority to convey certificates, diplomas, and degrees with or without religious distinctions.


12-Month Accelerated Degree Program

Earn your Biblical Degree in less than 1 year at Lamad University. Classes are online and correspondence. Our professors use web based educational tools to help students acheive their academic goals. 


Adult Contiuned & Professional Education

Registration opens Fall 2019. Enroll in one over twenty certificate programs at Lamad University. We offer 20 Professional Coaching Certification courses and several healthcare related certifications.   Each Fast Track. 4-Week or  8-week training and professional certification course of extensive study on becoming a Certified Personal, Business, or Spiritual Life Coach . This is an advanced training organized into 13- learning modules. 

Spiritual studies Certificate, Diploma, and degree programs


Biblical Studies

Earn a biblical degree, your ministry license, or apply to our watchful oversight program toward ordination. 

The purpose of Lamad University is

to contribute to the development of our students in the areas of Christian character, academic skills, subject mastery, Biblical understanding, and practical wisdom.

We believe that Christian character and practical wisdom are best achieved through a cooperative effort with the local church.

Academic skills and subject mastery are accomplished through clear explanation and responsive repetition, such as that found in our workbooks. There is no beneficial understanding apart from a Biblical understanding (Eph. 4:17-24). All of our curriculum is written from a conservative Biblical viewpoint.

We firmly believe that conclusions about life and reality must be based on the Word of God above all other experience and research.

We believe study methods should be individualized: ([You] study to show thyself approved…), and if all possible, directed by the pastor/teacher (II Tim 2:15).

We believe the product of higher education should be a Christian servant, skilled in the Word of God, trained in an under watchful oversight, le to effectively utilize his education to the glory of God.

Our mode of teaching is:

Predominantly self-directed study with open book comprehension tests of your readings of the Holy Bible as well as specific text books on the subject. As you seek a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree, you will be required to do projects, write a thesis and a dissertation as well as completing practicum. Each course you take is graded by the institution and your grades are recorded.

Our educational purpose is:

To teach the Bible and then teach how to apply it to today’s world. To educate and raise up a new generation of biblical leaders and business owners for the coming times. To promote LU students communicating the gospel through effective publishing, distribution, and preaching skills.

Our vocational purpose is:

The student must study to become approved workmen so that they will not be ashamed in their service to the Lord. Chosen men of the OT such as Joseph, Nehemiah, David, applied biblical living to secular work and it was seen that God was with them. They were given grace that lifted them above all others. Success comes from the Lord and is given through the favor with our ‘masters’.


Web-Based Education

Biblical Studies students and International Coaching Students enrolled in web-based education participate in webinars each weekly or bi-monthly.  Assignments are completed  on-line.

eCourses are interactive pdf's delivered by internet download.  There is also an online classroom for quizzes and test. 

The student reads the book on the computer (or it can be printed) and answers the workbook questions on the computer. The workbook is emailed to us for grading. 


Classroom Instruction

Lamad University certificate classroom setting programs  are offered in all 50 States and abroad. If  your ministry  would like to host a workshop or training, contact us at  800-771-7622  

 You may also enroll in over 20 spiritual studies correspondence (certificate) programs to enhance your biblical knowledge.